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Wheelin N Dealin Searies

Thanks all for comin out to my site and coming to the running the series i first just wana thank everyone for being such good freinds and competitors please continue and lets keep this going and adding more and more people with good series and freindly compititon well as thats all said i would like to introduce you to the new series Wheelin N Dealin..

this is a series i cam up with that should bring in the big boys and alot of people every week theres a bunch of qualifiers for a big race at the end and some double point races this will be ran and a big purse for the big race and for the championship winner at the end of the season this series will be ran with good sportsmanship and on the XCR vent i would appriciate it if you guys would also leave in the form page some ideas and comments and join the paige also and just let me know how you like the series and some insight on how im doing for the first time running a series and if you guys like the series and would like to see it come back for a 2nd season.